1. Ida B Wells café for brunch. Walked to Bromo seltzer clock tower for the tour and museum. Walked to Lexington market for crabcakes at Faidley‘s. Got on the red line to the Book Thing; tried to get snowballs but the snowball place was closed. Tried to get a beer and the brewery was having a private event. So we walked through a park and all the way to THE AVENUE (39th ave) to Quality Snowballs, almost died of dehydration but the snowballs brought us back to life. Got a hankie at an antique store. Walked to Waverly Brewing Co. Watched Jaws. Dinner at Woodberry Kitchen. Soft shell crab, Spanish Mackerel ceviche, tomatoes, watermelon, okra, cheese with pickled blueberries, and a peach sundae.
  2. Took the purple circulator to Blue Moon Diner, had an OB Benedict and Cap’n Crunch French toast. Walked over to American Visionary Art Museum, saw everything there. Went to the gift shop, bought everything in the gift shop: earrings, parasol, socks, pyramid, dice, t-shirt; waited till the rain stopped and then walked to the ferry. Took the ferry to harbor east, walked to Handlebar Café, got some beers. Guy playing piano did the F·R·I·E·N·D·S theme. He asked for requests so we asked for "Roundabout." He asked if T was a Yes-head and I had to point out his actual Yes hat. Talked about prog for a while. Then went to the Thames oyster bar. Got oysters, rock fish, and softshell crab sandwich. Took cab back to hotel for bags and then to the train station.