1. Delayed at airport. Headed back home.
  2. Flight grounded another day. Made alternate airline arrangements.
  3. Düsseldorf to Berlin. Bus to S-Bahn and walked to Hotel Kastienenhof. Shower. U-Bahn to Computerspiele Museum. Walked to Markethalle Neun, raw grilled cheese and rosé, waffle cones for dessert. Walked to Holzmarkt, met a friend for beers on the Spree. Walked past East Side Gallery to Monster Ronson's Ichiban Karaoke.
  4. Zeit Fur Brot coffee and rolls. Walked to Alexanderplatz for highlights bike tour. Currywurst and schnitzel at Lemke Brewery. Walked to DDR Museum. Took a boat tour on the Spree. Walked to Kreuzberg. Fried chicken at Henne. Bei Schlawinchen for beer. U-Bahn and convenience store for Jägermeister and snacks on the balcony.
  5. Breakfast at House of Small Wonder. Walked to Potsdamer Platz. Balzac coffee and a workers' demonstation. Musical instrument museum. Emergency visit to Potsdamer mall DM and TK MAXX. Walked to Sony Center and cinema museum. U-Bahn and walk through Tiergarten to Cafe am Neuen See. Walked and S-Bahn'ed to Alexanderplatz for nightlife tour.
  6. Checked out and walked to Milch Halle for coffee. Took tram to Hbh Tief. Got stamps at McPaper. ICE train to Hamburg. Hotel Wedina. Walked to Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. Took S-Bahn to Sternschanze, ate at Erica's Eck, walked to Oorlam for beer. Ice cream bars and Jägermeister on the patio.
  7. Portuguese breakfast at Caralela. Sink laundry. S-Bahn to Altona. The cool old stores I wanted to see were closed. Went to ALDI NORD instead. Lunch at Elbfisch and drinks at Quer. S-Bahn back to Landungsbrucken, walked along pier to Elbphilharmonie. Took escalator to plaza. Walked to Miniatur Wonderland. Walked to Blockbrau for dinner. Walked up to St. Pauli stop and west on Reeperbahn. Desolate on a Monday night. Cover bands playing in empty bars, Pizza Hut and KFC. Saw the police station but missed the Beatles statue, didn't care.
  8. Train from Hbf to Flensburg. Shloko croissants and coffee. Too early to check in so got fish and chips and Flensburger Pilseners at Nordsee. Could not get a tour at the brewery. Ate dinner at Extrablatt. Drank Jägermeister in silence at Barenhohle, but played the jukebox at the Bier-Bar.
  9. Coffee at McDonalds. Went to ZOB and spent final Euros on candy and breads. Waited for bus to Sonderberg. Walked around shopping zone and got kroner. Another bus to Fynshav. Got to terminal to find out there was no ferry for two hours. Ate Danish style hot dogs and drank Tuborg at Fynshav Grill. Bought bulk licorice at the Coop. Ferry to Søby and bus to Ærøskøbing. Walked to Andelen Guesthouse, took Rick Steve's walking tour. Lured into Landbogarden by the offer of a "Ramalamadingdong" burger and the stench of garlic—the Shopsins of Ærø. Curry over rice and first rødgrød med fløde. Walked to Neddo grocery store for wine. Went back out at 9 for Nightwatchman tour.
  10. Rented bikes at guesthouse. Took bike path to Ommel, then Marstal. Ate hot dogs and fries at Den Glade Gris. Took Odense beers to go, out to peninsula north of Ommel. Drank in the rain. Passed an honor system garage sale. Took path back to Ærøskøbing. Dinner at Mumm. Flat fish from Ærø, walnut beer, more rødgrød med fløde. Riis rum and akavit.
  11. Ærøskøbing Bageri for marzipan and raspberry danish. Took bus to Bregninge and walked to the Voderup Klint cliffs. Had "butcher candy" pork rinds and Foxe Kondi soda waiting for the bus back. Ate smoked mackerel at Røgeri. Drank all the bitters and listened to Danish pop music at Arrebo.
  12. Ferry to Svendborg, had to run to train station. Transferred at Odense to train to Copenhagen. Smørrebrød at Tivoli Hallen. Picked up Copenhagen card, checked out a fabric store. Dined with the Danes!
  13. Train to Humlebæk, walked to Louisiana Museum. Pipilotti Rist. Tacos and popsicles at Hija de Sanchez. Couldn't find Mikkeller bar but found some anyway. Walked to War Pigs and drank all the beers. Kødbyens Fiskebar for scallops, invasive oysters, fish and chips, hake, schnaps and aquavit.
  14. Yarn and cross stitch at Sommerfuglen. Hay design store. Gasoline Grill for butter burger combos. Walked around central Copenhagen. Bike tour on Stridas over canals, bike bridges, architecture, Christiania. Pølse at Dop-Den Økologiske, Paluden Bog + Cafe for wine. Hotel rooftop. Walked to Tivoli, unlimited ride passes, tried to do everything in 2.5 hours. 10:30 sunset. Only food stall left open was bubble waffles.
  15. Lagkagehuset cinnamon roll and coffee. Lunch at Schønnemann. Flying Tiger. Final stop at train station for bulk licorice. Flight home.