1. Changed out of boots, socks, pants, sweatshirt. Kasalta media noche, caldo gallego, café con leche, guava pastry. Pamela’s piña coladas and caipirinhas. Long walk on the beach.
  2. Beach. Medallas. La Cueva del Mar shrimp mofongo and fish tacos. Mango’s non-happy hour mojitos, ceviche, beef skewers and tostones.
  3. Boulangerie. Beach. Medallas. Kasalta bistec and Materva. Walked to Santaella. Fell asleep to lady luchadoras smashing lightbulbs on each other on tv.
  4. Cab ride to Old San Juan with Money House Blessing Air Freshener Indian Fruit Spray. Frustrated by “Actividades,” (Ironman-related street closures). Cafetería Mallorca ham egg and cheese mallorca. Castillo San Cristóbal. Marilyn’s Place. El Batey’s confusing jukebox. Castillo San Felipe del Morro. Lower lip might be sunburnt. Café Cuatro Sombras café y tostadas guayaba. Cab ride home with Polyphonic Spree soundtrack. Sangriiia Gasolina Urban Blends Ready-to-Drink Cocktail Pouch (not for kids). Pamela’s churrasco and amarillo gnocchi. Beach stargazing.
  5. Beach walk. Beach. Kasalta bistec en la playa. Medallas. Sunburned lower lip hurts. Hosteria Del Mar’s Ron del Barrilito on ice with a squeeze of lime (sad it take us five days to figure out how to drink properly) Bagua tacoviche, churrasco, some kind of fish I forget. Dos sangria blanca, papaya and Caribbean cherry, garnished with tiny basil sprouts they grew.
  6. Sunburned lower lip swelled up like a balloon. Final Kasalta bistec and Materva. Put on pants, socks, boots, sweatshirt. Airport post-security Ron del Barrilito purchase and airport bar chicken fingers and Medallas.