9ad8bb1a581b11e28c8722000a1f90f9_7Stracciatella is soup, people — I’m not making chocolate truffles or gelato.

Hopefully you have some homemade chicken stock in your freezer. Okay. Put it in the pot!

This is less of a recipe than what I think of when I want stracciatella soup. Whatever you have in the cupboard or fridge is probably fine. But first I want to give you a tip. Have you ever seen these Dorot frozen herbs? I have only ever seen them at Trader Joes. You can do this yourself, but why would you? They are leetle cubes of pre-frozen perfection. I would def put a garlic and a basil cube in here. I try to keep fresh parsley on hand all the time because I love it so much, but you could also do a couple frozen cubes. Whatever. Just don’t do dried herbs because that would be gross!

Next, beat a couple of eggs in a bowl. Once the soup has boiled up, bring it to a simmer and then swirl it around in a circle. Drizzle the eggs in slowly so they get all nice and ribbon-y!

Some other things to add. Nutmeg. Whatever greens are hanging around. Pepper. White pepper. Red pepper. Parmesan. Lemon. Eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Revive yourself. Winter isn’t so bad!

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