Some of the things I cooked in 2011. I try to keep track but towards the end of the year I think I fell off a bit. Stars are things I made multiple times because they are my jam.

Some of these are links to the Christopher Kimball recipe empire (); if we are friends feel free to ask me for the recipe and I will send it to your e-mail inbox! If there is no link it’s probably because I forget the source or I just made something up ad-hoc Lauren show style.

As you can probably tell I am a fan of (and subscriber to) the CK recipe empire as well as the Martha. And the Bittman, though looking through these I really miss his blog on the Times website! I told you before about how I am doing recipes now and though that is still the main way, I have recently taken to snapping pics of recipes in library books and adding them to Evernote. Maybe a post on that soon? Most of these seem to be vegetarian, unless obviously not by the title.


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